Phonics 1 - In this Phonics game, students will find the word that the teacher "sound talks" or segments Then, the students feed the word to the hungry robot. Roles can be reversed and students can talk as the robot.

Interactive phonics table. Read write inc

Reception are loving their new interactive phonics table with clip boards, white boards, magnetic sound cards and sound button with the sound of the day and it's formation!

Get your children to hold up a blank whiteboard and take their photo. Then you can use them for displaying letters, words, numbers. I like this idea for displaying bear words.

Lay out one hoop per sound, in a 'column'. Then place the right sound card next to each one. As a child jumps in the hoops they say each sound in order and then orally blend it as they jump out of the last one!

Great phonics idea

Using clothespins and Popsicle sticks to teach phonics is a great way to support language development in older children!