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But what about the boys who are told YOU ARE READY FOR SEX AS SOON AS YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS boys! Do not feel like you must have sex you also have the right to conserve that. Teach kids the emotional side of sex. Boys. Stop pressuring each other please.

Gray area rape is rape. If you are forced to agree, it is still rape.<<saying being pressured to consent to sex isn't rape is like saying the cashier participated in the robbery because he gave the money to the robber when threatened with a gun.


You can still be a feminist and be a bad person, ie racist transphobic homophobic evt. You cant separate yourself from these people who share similar beliefs. The same you can't say when a Christian does bad things that they werent Christian

gen z

Generation Z! If a generation will change the world, I have high hopes for ours.


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It's so gross and unnecessary lmao.

Mmm yeah, pretty much >> Don’t forget they often ignore the existence of trans women

I wish they'd added to the 78 cents per dollar line that women of color make even less, but otherwise spot on.

For note: it says 'white women' who make 78 cent per men's dollar because for women of colour they usually make even less. So the 78 cent is the best of a bad bunch, which is ridiculous.

Please please please read this! Over fifty percent of the girls in my class don't support feminism, which shocked me. If you think that everyone deserves to be treated equally regardless of gender then you are a feminist whether you believe it or not.

Misandrist is not Feminism.This is why so many people are scared of "feminism." Not because they hate women but because they fear man haters. Some self proclaimed feminists really do hate men, and that's not the original definition of feminism.

Even though being gay is natural, this COMPLETELY destroys the "it's not natural" argument

Even though being gay is natural, (homosexuality exists in over 1500 species) this COMPLETELY destroys the "it's not natural" argument


Why is there a debate on whether catcalling is flattering or not. the fact that here are men that think they can decide how women feel about something is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.