Sophie Rambert. from Melancholie, 2012

A contour drawing by Sophie Rambert. from Melancholie, not complete/include the face so the viewer must imagine the expression

Skeleton - notice the planning lines that remain around the skeleton. The artist was measuring angles and lengths.

This is a structural analysis of a human skeleton I did in my figure drawing class.

Life drawing by David Longo ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン | çizgi film • Find more at &

Life drawing by David Longo , like this style of simple sketch

Life drawing technique

curves X - from a gorgeous series using different line techniques for each one [louis björdoni - dA] line drawings of bodies - life drawing

by (

Life drawing sketch- this was a rigid period in my life.

(Source: milenuts, via klimbimundfirlefanz)

life drawing simple contour line, yet structurally sound

::: Life drawing / gesture drawing :::  60 sec drawing

Yep - I'm gonna shock everybody & lose weight. Life drawing / gesture drawing ::: 60 sec drawing

John Garcia - lovely line drawings of moving poses - great for fashion illustration research

Sketchbook: John Garcia - Book By Its Cover

Picture of the various positions of hands from

how to draw hands 16