Hey i'm sharing this mesh.   zbro bust base mesh_2 (ztl /obj)  #BaseMesh #zbrush #wireframe

Hey i'm sharing this mesh. zbro bust base (ztl /obj) - Great reference for face topology

I'm not sure to understand well but, the basemeshes were actually pretty basic. Sometimes it was just a sphere with dynamesh for the organic stuff, like the fish or the pig leg, other times it was a little bit of hard surface modeling in max then a detail pass in ZBrush  About the carpets, it was really easy actually. It's done in max, with spline and soft selection. I did a quick breakdown :

Hi guys, I recently started a new project so I thought it was about time to make my own sketchbook thread.

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Classic hard-surface texture painting tutorial from Stefan Morrell - This taught me so much as I was learning, I hope you learn just as much!

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Modeling : creating low poly buildings for background use

frenja step 14 minitutorial by polyphobia3d

as promised here is a small tutorial on how to create the golden stitches i added onto frenjas clothing frenja step 14 minitutorial

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Hi All, At the start of this weekend I had a list of normal issues that I was hoping to resolve and so far polycount has helped me with all but one.

Modelling rope

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In a special bumper 79 minute tutorial Richard Piper shows how to create a PBR tiling texture in ZBrush, Substance Designer and Knald.