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some plants and flowers are growing on the steps
Meet the unexpected 'it' flower of 2024 – experts say it's set to become a garden border hero
a modern house with steps leading up to it
7 easy steps to elevate your backyard with a year-round foliage border - 'They add structure and texture!'
a number of plants in a garden with numbers on the top and bottom, surrounded by trees
Planting Design for Dry Gardens by Olivier Filippi
Planting Design for Dry Gardens by Olivier Filippi
trees and shrubs are in the foreground, with water in the distance behind them
Olivier and Clara Filippi's drought-tolerant garden in France. Photos Claire Takacs
On a windswept site overlooking the lagoons that make up the Étang du Thau near Montpellier, Olivier and Clara Filippi have created a remarkable and experimental garden of Mediterranean native plants. A complex tapestry of texture and form evokes the garrigue landscape as the eye travels out across the oyster farms that are a feature of the series of lagoons that make up the Étang du Thau.
an aerial view of a garden with trees and bushes
the steps are made out of rocks and gravel
31+ Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Own Steps In Your Garden
31+ Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Own Steps In Your Garden - Engineering Discoveries
a stone path in the middle of a grassy field
sloped retaining wall landscape ideas
two men are walking up some steps made out of rocks and stones with grass growing on the sides
an old photo of some steps in the woods with flowers growing on them and trees
a garden path made out of stones and wood surrounded by greenery, shrubs and flowers
Railway sleeper step... stock photo by Mark Bolton, Image: 0080594
Railway sleeper steps - Trench Hill garden, Gloucestershire
how to fill garden raised beds and save money info graphic by the gardener's wife
How To Fill Raised Garden Beds With Soil And Save Money
As you have assembled your Vego Garden beds, the next task is to fill the beds before planting. One of the most common questions we see from new gardeners is how to fill a new raised bed and still save money. Many different methods are out there that work great! From our experience, the Hugelkulture method has been the easiest and most cost-efficient method to use. Hugelkultur is the process of burying organic garden waste material under the soil to save on cost. This usually includes large ...