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Karen Shechori's collection at the 2013 Istituto Marangoni Graduate Fashion show

Istituto Marangoni - Karen Shechori’s collection at the 2013 Istituto Marangoni Graduate Fashion show made the models seem like they were wearing X-ray machines i.

Rachel Wright has hand-embellished all of these amazing and beautiful anatomical garments, all part of her collection ‘Dream Anatomy’. I seriously urge you to check out the whole collection!    The Dream Anatomy series explore these imagined realms inside the body. Because these garments are meant to be worn, the boundary between the internal and the external is blurred. The invisible is made visible: wear your inside on the outside. By using women’s slips and nighties, articl...

rachel wright dream anatomy - Rachel Wright’s ‘Dream Anatomy’ dresses allow women to seriously expose themselves.

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ripping to reveal what's hidden beneath. Interesting idea for a final piece involving mental illnesses or feelings

Paper Body Tissue - Artist Lisa Nilsson has made a series of pieces based on human anatomy entirely out of paper, really like these.

Anatomical Cross-Sections Made with Quilled Paper For her Tissue Series, artist Lisa Nilsson constructs anatomical cross sections of the human body using rolled pieces of Japanese mulberry paper, a technique known as quilling or paper filigree.