Ruth Asawa, sculpture-er. She makes giant knitted forms. Try making this out of wire some day when you have absolutely nothing to do (or so you thought).

ruth asawa, sculpture - inspiration for light furniture surface or lamp

William Kentridge - Lekkerbreek - 2013 - Linocut

From David Krut Projects, William Kentridge, Universal Archive (Lekkerbreek) Linocut printed on 30 sheets of non-archival pages from Britannica Wor…

William Kentridge, Broken Sculptures and 3 Distractions (2013), via

From Goodman Gallery, William Kentridge, Broken Sculptures and 3 Distractions Ink, watercolour, coloured pencil and charcoal on book pages with tex…

WILLIAM-KENTRIDGE  cuaderno de artista

WILLIAM-KENTRIDGE i could start with an image that is jumbled up and towards the end of my flip book/illustration sequence the image will be in order.

William Kentridge, Orange Head, 1993-98

William Kentridge (South African, b. Head, Drypoint with hand-colouring, image: 40 x in.