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Water-Bottle Cozy

Water-Bottle Cozy Whether it's chilly inside or out, a hot-water bottle slipped into a soft cloth cover is a classic comfort. How to Make the Water Bottle Cozy


Space Rocket Hot Water Bottle Cover



Jack Hot Water Bottle stencil

Jack is a natural hot water bottle hand-made and printed in Scotland by Emma Henderson, and filled with wheat and lavender. Just a few minutes in the microwave and this little Hot Dog stays warm for over 2 hours.

Opening at the end

Made from reused, felted jumpers. Upcoming workshop at The Make Lounge

Tie at bottom style

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I'm lucky enough to have a home full of hand-knitted gifts made for me by friends and family


Hotwater Bottle Cover with Lace Doyle appliqued on the front


Button in middle with loop

Button in middle with loop