DIY Pinecone Lions from

I just love this lion with a pine cone as its mane. Its the time of the year conkers and pine cones are falling all around us and children are frantically collecting what they can. This lion is so creative and fun way to use an old fallen pine cone.

Pop Dot Monogram Decoration #anthropologie

DIY - these would be easy to make, a very unique personal tree or package decoration - Pop Dot Monogram Ornament

Pom Pom Otter Decoration #anthropologie

Anthropologie Fishing Otter Ornament-there's an ornament that matches my dishtowel!

Scandi Chic Felt Reindeer Head

Fiona Walker Grey Reindeer Head Wall Decor: A felt reindeer head plush wall decor with a red nose. Each item has its own individual charm; no two items are identical.

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