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amazing sculptural installations from Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira. The pieces encompass wood, hardware and paint techniques to create these astounding installations.

Valerie Hegarty’s “Woman in White with Flowers”    i like how the artists has used to brances moulded into the flat surface of the painting and how the bbranches erupt from the painting in no particular pattern, the idea of nature erupting and ruining a mnamade thing such as a painting is an interesting idea for my exam project.

Valerie Hegarty's “Woman in White with Flowers” from her terrific new show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, Figure, Flowers, Fruit (through October

Anthropomorphic Installation Artwork - Henrique Oliveira Creates Realistic Installation Art (GALLERY)

Baitogogo, Tangled Branch Installation at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Recently installed at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, this gigantic Gordian Knot of architectural columns was constructed by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira who is known for his near complete organic transformations of interior and exterior spaces

Kath Girdler Engler

It felt like my head was growing a tree this morning. Paper pulp and found object sculpture by Kathleen Girdler Engler

Reminds me of Karl Blossfelt. Stark and almost metallic. It looks like a strong structure even though it is a delecate leaf.

Art in Nature - heart shaped leaves intricate leaf vein patterns - organic texture inspiration; black white plant photography, lighting harder to capture detailed texture, one light source to the left.

Saatchi Online Artist Cristina Troufa; Painting, ""Evolução" (evolution)" #art

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The latest series from Chilean artist Jose Romussi and his embroiders flowers and geometric doodles over pages of fashion editorials. We admire the way of how delightfully she is able to incorporate ornate embroidery techniques with her own pencil drawings and watercolors, pushing the boundaries of traditional and popular culture.

I love the way who the Chilean artist Jose Romussi creates beautiful collages simply sewing on photos.

Tate Millerton photography/collage from the "Evolution is Convenient" series.

Tate Millerton photography/collage from the "Evolution is Convenient" series.

Anatomical Diagrams are a huge weakness of mine, PLUS bees? Be still my heart.

Anatomy of a Honey Bee, Insect Science, Print on old book page, Vintage Dictionary Book, Upcycled book art print

Portraits dessinés sur Tronçons d'arbre et des journaux d'explorer la nature transitoire des choses

Project 387 Claudia Biçen "Biçen constructs her realist studies by focusing on a path to empathy and a personal connection to her subje.