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O consumo #sustentavel é essencial para a sobrevivência do planeta e de todos que aqui residem... Utilize de forma consciente dos recursos a sua volta, sem desperdícios. Sua pegada mais leve.

Ever wondered how small and lifeless the world would be without nurturing and embracing nature? Wake up now! Save and adopt green techniques, just like Torben Roesen did!

Lorenzo Duran's leaf art helps raise environmental awareness for issues like CO2 emissions & deforestation in Brazil

Cut Leaf Illustrations for ‘Plant for the Planet’. A wonderfully executed ad campaign by Legas Delaney for Plant for the Planet, using cut leaves symbolizing their ability to absorb


MELTDOWN – another take on the causes and threats of climate change. Deadly effects of global warming include drought, severe hurricanes, massive fires and melting of the polar caps. Is it already too late?