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two small guinea pigs in a cage eating hay from the floor next to each other
Hearty Hay Buffet and Corral
two guinea pigs are sitting in their beds
Me and my sweet piggies
a white cage filled with lots of baby toys and blankets on top of a colorful blanket
Bunk Beds
a room filled with lots of caged animals on top of hard wood flooring
Member Gallery: C&C cages/homemade cages
three baby cribs are stacked on top of each other in a room with wood floors
Member Gallery: C&C cages/homemade cages
a caged in area with two hamsters and one guinea pig on the floor
4x3 Two Level - Boys and Girls
a dog is standing in the middle of a room with multiple cages on it's sides
Cage - Let's see your cage Pictures please. - Page 35 - Guinea Pig Cages
a wooden bird cage sitting on top of green grass
Delton Pet Supplies Folding,collapsible Guinea pig Run
a caged area with stairs in the middle and another cage on the floor behind it
Whitmor Storage Cubes Stackable Interlocking Wire Shelves Set of 4 Black 14.25 x 14.5x 14.5 -
the caged animals are sitting on top of the table in the room, and ready to be fed
Guinea pigs! — Today I cleaned the cage and changed the layout....