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How to Draw & Render Gemstones: Juicy Gems Online Class!
Just about had it trying to draw half decent designs for your jewellery? Gemstones looking more like coloured blobs? Thing of the past after you’ve learnt how to draw and render gemstones like a true pro. If you want us to show you how, check out more info on the Juicy Gems classes here: Members, you’ll already have access to all classes in your Class Library at the Metalsmith Academy!
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Juicy Gems Jewellery Design Classes
Brand new classes are now available at Metalsmith Academy! 💎 When you’re showcasing your designs to customers, especially with commissioned pieces, it’s important that your gems do your ideas justice. The highlight, shading, proportions – there’s an art to it! In our 5 new classes with Vennice, she’ll teach you how to draw and render a Garnet Rose Cut, Yellow Citrine Cushion Cabochon, Tanzanite Sugarloaf Cut, Tourmaline Baguette Cut, and Blue Topaz Round Brilliant Cut. Classes are filmed HD and come with step-by-step handouts for easy reference.
the instructions for how to make an octopus's set ring with metal and glass
How to Make an Octopus Set Ring - Metalsmith Academy
Octopus setting - definitely one of my favourites 😍 there are so many options with this style and it's perfect for brilliant cuts or cabochons! Join the Metalsmith Academy and take our Octopus Set Ring online class to learn how to make this!
Online Class: Rings Within Rings
Feeling frustrated with unfinished-looking jewellery? We've got the answer you've been seeking! 'Rings Within Rings' is a 4-hour journey into soldering, fabrication, and finishing. We'll walk you through each step with 9 crystal-clear HD videos, providing in-depth instructions and invaluable tips. And as a bonus, you'll receive a 150+ page, full-colour guide. Take the class at
How to Draw & Render Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
New class alert! 💎 'How to Draw and Render Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds' is now available at the Metalsmith Academy! This class features: ✅ Crystal-clear videography ✅ Detailed explanations and guidance ✅ 3 videos teaching you how to draw medium, large, and melee-sized diamonds ✅ Over 50 pages of full-color handouts Sign up for access to this brand new class and hundreds of other jewelry making tutorials and videos. Visit to learn more.
New Class: Prong Setting for Round Brilliant Cuts
Prong setting for round brilliant cuts is now live over at the Metalsmith Academy ❤️🎉🤩. It’s been 6 months in the making, over 50,000 words of the script written and retake after retake to ensure not a single shot is off-screen or out of focus in what might be our best class yet. If you’re looking to add prong setting to your skills this might just be the class for you - we made sure to include the whats, whys and what not's to make sure you really GET IT! Check it out now:
Tapered bezels on rings Fresh, Tapered, Stone Settings, Bezel
Tapered Bezels
Tapered bezels fresh off the bench for a new class coming to the Metalsmith Academy!
Bezel Setting Fragile Stones Tatting, Bijoux, Metal Jewellery, Diy, Tattoos, Metal Jewelry, Bezel Setting, Bezel Set Cabochon
Bezel Setting Fragile Stones
Bezel setting fragile stones is a lot less drama than you think! Don't believe us? Check out our FREE mini class now where we'll show you have to set an opal doublet as well as how to make your very own mini brass bezel rocker.
Online Jewellery Making Classes
Basic metalsmithing skills make so much more sense when learnt in a logical order. At the Metalsmith Academy, we break learning down into manageable, achievable stages. We call this the 'Roadmap'. We start out covering the fundamentals first and then slowly build step by step, overlapping brick by brick to give you the skills you need to make professional looking jewellery with confidence.
Jewellery making class on bead setting with an onglette Action, Beads
New Class: Bead Setting with an Onglette
If you're keen to get to grips with bead setting, we've got you covered. The classes are full of trouble shooting tips and trips, exercises to help with graver control and full instructions on how to prepare, shape and sharpen your gravers for optimal stabby action. To top it all off, the videography on this one, is next level in 4K. And just incase, we're on hand in our community forums every single day to answer any questions you might have.