Freebies for Jewellery Making!

an orange background with scissors and other crafting supplies on it, including paper machs
Saw Piercing Templates
Ready for a little extra saw piercing practice? We made you 5 free mandala templates which are perfect for saw piercing practice. All you have to do, is print them, drink a lot of coffee, and then pick up that saw frame! Download the Mandala Template Pack at
Free Download: Gemmy Christmas Template Pack ❄️
Only 69 days till Christmas! That's 69 days to work on homemade ornaments to decorate your tree. We've got free Gemmy Christmas template pack for you to download. ll you need to do is print them, brew a cup of coffee (or two), and pick up your trusty saw frame!🎄 Download the 'Free Gemmy Christmas Template Pack' here: