Lucy Westray

Lucy Westray

Hey!♥from England, I run and dance♥
Lucy Westray
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ivanarevic: coated denim

loose black top, skinny-fit pants and light wash denin shirt.THIS EXACT OUTFIT with white SK letters on the black top. My Dream Recruitment Closet

DIY Wedding Hairstyle: A Romantic Updo

DIY Wedding Hairstyle: A Romantic Updo. I wouldn't just do this as a wedding updo

top knot

pretty lashes + ballerina bun // and bubblegum! and glowing skin!


like ASAP.

5 Ways To Make Your Hair Curly With No Heat

No heat curls. I have tried a few of the no heat curls. This is the only one that works for my hair.

Braid directory. How to do every braid you can think of!

braids braided Love her hair Braid directory. How to do every braid you can think of


Let your cell phone cover inspire you! check out these neon green nails with accent ring finger! i want the cover and the nails!

Splatter Nails <3

New neon- neon lights: custom-Blended neon Glitter nail polish

splatter painted nails

Just with red paint on white nails for blood splatter nails on halloween!


design work life: branding r, type Gimme Summa Dat isabelarodrigues. Now is the Right time Graphic