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Binky Babies: start with a small round pumpkin. cut the nipple from a pacifier and attach the base to the pumpkin with pins, pressing them through any holes in the pacifier. Add eyes with black marker.

5 Minute Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet

5 Minute Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet Clean Eating, No Sugar Added, Grain/Gluten Free Leave out sweetener. fruit is sweet on its own :)

Infused Waters | Fresh & Healthy

Healthy infused waters keep you cool and hydrated when them temps are high. Seasonal fruits and herbs add a delicious fresh flavor!

Blue Rock Candy that looks like ice crystals!<<<< I am reposting this because I think it is hilarious that people are saying this is for "Frozen" But it definitely looks like meth from breaking bad...

Rock Candy: 2 cups water, 1 cup white corn syrup, 3 cups sugar, tsp cream of tartar. Then I added: tsp vanilla extract, 3 drops of blue gel food coloring. Or it can also be Breaking Bad party candy

3 ingredient Strawberry Smoothies- so good! #smoothie #strawberry #recipe

3 ingredient Strawberry Smoothies- 3 cups frozen strawberries 1 cups milk (any variety) cup strawberry jam Directions: Place the frozen strawberries, strawberry jam and milk in the blender. Place the lid over the top. Puree until smooth.