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...accurate. The more I love a character, the more I put them through.

Nooo, but they ARE my children!that's not to say that my deeply-buried sadism won't rise to the surface once I have a decently developed character.

"Drown me," I mutter to the air. "Please just drown me already." Fifth time this month. I can't keep reviving them over and over. Jaxon and Blythe have already started to catch on as it is. How can they not with how much it's happened? Faeries aren't supposed to exist in this realm.

I feel numb but not just from the cold as my best friend floats next to me. Her pale lifeless face stairs. I look around, the lake is almost frozen over, but last I remember it was June. What has happened?

Writing Prompt:

Writing Prompt - You’re a nurse doing the daily checks for a coma patient of nearly 10 years. Suddenly she grabs your arm, fully alert, and tells you to listen, quick, she doesn’t have much time.

Won’t wake up.

and then reread it 12 times