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lamb in the snow

Fleece as white as snow. Though I pinned this to my Wild Animal's Magesty board.and sheep aren't wild animals.I thought this guy was majestic enough in the snow to be put on this board

4 vs 1

awkwardsituationist: “ photos by uda dennie of eusocial ants in batam island, indonesia. (more posts on ants and other insects) ”


Manta Rays - Angels of the Ocean. Manta rays are listed as a Vulnerable species. They are endangered by getting entangled in fish nets, fishing for use in Chinese medicine, ocean pollution, and low reproductive rates.

Amazing Underwater Photography | See More Pictures

As I said earlier today, two sets with animal photography. Now I have the second set called 'Marine Life' made by Andrey Narchuk, a photographer with the focus on underwater art and nature photography.