lamb in the snow

Fleece as white as snow. Though I pinned this to my Wild Animal's Magesty board.and sheep aren't wild animals.I thought this guy was majestic enough in the snow to be put on this board

4 vs 1

awkwardsituationist: “ photos by uda dennie of eusocial ants in batam island, indonesia. (more posts on ants and other insects) ”


Manta Rays - Angels of the Ocean. Manta rays are listed as a Vulnerable species. They are endangered by getting entangled in fish nets, fishing for use in Chinese medicine, ocean pollution, and low reproductive rates.

Sea Shroom

Spotted jelly AKA: lagoon jelly I flipped the image The top of the water is now at the bottom of the image.

Amazing Underwater Photography | See More Pictures

As I said earlier today, two sets with animal photography. Now I have the second set called 'Marine Life' made by Andrey Narchuk, a photographer with the focus on underwater art and nature photography.

Tim Flach

More Than Human

Turkey photographed for "More Than Human: Charismatic Animal Portraits" by Tim Flach

Tim Flach

More Than Human

More Than Human is the title of the latest series of photographs by Tim Flach. Gathering portraits of animals in his next book, the photographer invites us to d

Tim Flach

More Than Human

A renowned London-based photographer Tim Flach presents his work of seven years in an animal portrait book called "More than Humans". By taking striking close