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Michelle Caplan via

Collage by Michelle Caplan; collage a piece of paper, then put through the printer and print large image on top.

elise wehle

Vii -painting on her paper cut outs. She could create a stencil and spray paint over? This is the collage, and or drawing, and or paper-cutting, and or printmaking work of California based artist Elise Wehle.

Stephen Talasnik

Stephen Talasnik, Surveyor, 2009 (Collage and acrylic on prepared wood panel, 72 x 24 inches)

Crafty Dogma - Fragmented

Fragmented, Crafty Dogma - this would be great as a mixed media project with advanced drawing students - divide the face or subject into three parts - find a unifying background idea/pattern

Stephen Talasnik, Surveyor, collage, 2009

Stephen Talasnik, Surveyor, collage, 2009 > red patterning & the combination of colour. an idea is brewing