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XM556 Microgun Empty Shell Defense - World's First Hand Held 5.56mm Electric Gatling Gun featured

Meet The Microgun From Empty Shell Defense Just when you thought the Minigun was the most amazing weapon ever, the Microgun shows up. The Microgun is built by Empty Shell Defense and is still

ArtStation - Quicksilver Industries: "Markhor" SMG, Christian Groß

I came across the cool concept for this gun * and had to model it. So far it is only a highpoly version. I love how it could easily fit into games like Destiny or Mass Effect.

Finger placement. Keep in mind that this depends on how long your fingers are and how the gun fits in your hand. Take the time to find a gun that fits you.

Right to left enough finger on the trigger" you will shoot "to the left" of the target. "too much finger" will cause you to shoot to the "right of the target". "perfect trigger finger" will cause you to " pull straight back" and shoot dead center!