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Paper Plate Cat in the Hat Masks #DrSeuss #DIY #kidscrafts

You're a cat. A cat in a hat! With the Cat in the Hat Mask you can become one of Dr. Seuss' most famous rhymers. Paper plate crafts for kids are so diverse and this one is no exception. With just a paper plate and some paper you can transform.

Fun for the kids to play. I think I will make these in Mickey and Minnie ears and have the family take pictures with lil man on his birthday.....

Preschool Playbook: Lion and Lamb Mask. cool idea for kids, make them to fit your wedding theme. Add a paper baseball hat, umpire hat, microphone to stick for an announcer, maybe leave a strip across the middle for a mask or a few for the catcher mask?

Earthrise - The first photograph of Earth from deep space. Taken from the farside of the Moon, it looks toward the lunar horizon to see the Earth appear to rise.  — at lmage Credit: Apollo 8 Crew/NASA - Dec. '68.

"Earthrise" is the name given to NASA image the "first jaw-dropping picture of Earth from outer space." It was taken on this day in 1968 by astronaut William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission, the first manned voyage to orbit the Moon.

NASA Releases Photo of Earth Taken from the Dark Side of Saturn by the Cassini Spacecraft

NASA Releases Photo of Earth Taken from the Dark Side of Saturn by the Cassini Spacecraft space Saturn NASA Earth

Russell Brand

Head in hands: Jonathan Ross squirms as his friend Russell Brand joked about the Jimmy Savile police probe and the infamous Sachsgate scandal that cost them their jobs


A typically romantic notion of Arthurian legend King Arthur in a section dedicated to Scottish myths? Arthur and his legendary Knights are the most quintessentially English of legends are they not?


In Norse folklore, both the Acorn and its bearer, the Oak tree, bring good fortune. The Vikings associated Oak trees with Thor, leading people to place a lone Acorn on their windowsills to protect their houses from lightning.