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a close up view of the handlebars on a bicycle
#Repost from @Dosnoventa - #fixedgear #fixie #cycle #trackbike #barcelona #bike #spain #speed #singlespeed #onegear #hipster #cycling #biking #hizokucycles
a black bike with yellow spokes parked in the dark
Black simplicity with edgy details.
several pictures of different types of bicycles
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fixed gear
a blue and white bike parked next to a brick building on the side of a street
singlespeed | Shared from
a bicycle parked in a parking garage next to a car
F550: Trey /by Factory Five #singlespeed
a blue bicycle parked against a white wall
Hip Hop Slave Bikes / Hipster Sleds
Hip Hop Slave Bikes / Hipster Sleds - Page 481 - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed
a blue and white bicycle parked in front of a garage door
titsandtires: Nishiki fixed gear conversion (by kingpinphoto)
a bike leaning against a wall in front of a building
Cannondale singlespeed