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A look at what goes on in the Luna Lighting studio!
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a woman is making pottery in the studio with lunaa's logo on it
Luna Lighting on Instagram: "Time for a sneak peek behind the scenes ✨ 👀 💙In the studio with Luna: the master Namiko throwing our signature Luna mini on the wheel in our studio in @cockpitstudios in Bloomsbury💙 #studiolife #pottery #potterywheel #throwing #ceramics #porcelain"
a woman in an apron is holding a cup and standing next to shelves with cups on them
many white jars are sitting on shelves in a store
a table topped with lots of white cups and saucers next to shelves filled with candles
many white cups are lined up on wooden boards in a workshop area with other items behind them
the shelves are filled with white dishes and cups
two women standing in front of a counter eating food
a room filled with lots of white containers and shelves full of cups, mugs and other items
a table that has some cups and plates on it with lights hanging from the ceiling
many white bowls and plates on shelves with candles in the middle one is filled with tea lights
a room filled with lots of white dishes and candles
four white jars sitting on top of a shelf
a woman is making christmas decorations on a table with other ornaments and chains around her