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Ice Cream Parlour Tuff Spot

Ice cream parlour tuff spot set up. Great messy and sensory play idea that also encourages role play and imagination.

Invitation to play Neapolitan Ice Cream Play Dough - learning4kids

Neapolitan Ice Cream Play Dough Fun

Make for next week: ice cream center; playdoh, cardboard cones and sprinkles

pretend ice cream stand - coloured and scented playdough, beads for sprinkles, cardboard cones, plus a few props (scoops, pretend money)

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Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

This ice cream shop dramatic play center is a fun way for children to learn through play in the preschool classroom.

I wanted to do something kind of "yummy" with today's batch, and it was a beautiful day so we took it outside and set up an play dough ice cream shop.

play dough ice cream shop

Center: play dough ice cream shop - hours of pretend play with playdough and a few simple kitchen items (happy hooligans)q

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