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Orange stain on pink wall Flooring, Luxury Flooring, Messy Kids
Removing Common Stains From Your Flooring
Golden parquet flooring Home, Parquet, Parquet Flooring
How To Install Parquet Flooring
If you’re looking for a beautiful floor to bring personality to your home, you can’t go wrong with parquet flooring. At first, parquet flooring can seem daunting to install, so if you’re concerned about trying it yourself, there are plenty of reputable fitters that can help. If you’re happy installing your own floor, however, check out our handy guide on how to install parquet flooring below!
Yellow tape measure Engineered Wood, Vinyl Flooring, Wood Laminate, How Do You Work, Solid Wood, Laminate, Measurements
How to Measure a Room For Flooring
Flooring is sold in metres squared (m2) but how do you work out exactly how much you need to order? Measuring a room for flooring can feel a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing – especially if it’s an irregular shape. But don’t worry, we’re going to break it down and show you how. Whether you’re measuring your room for engineered wood, solid wood, laminate or vinyl flooring (LVT), get out your tape measure and follow this simple guide...
Pale grey herringbone floor with table and decorative tree Interior Design, Interior, Design, Home Décor, Interior Design Tips, Homeowner, Buying Your First Home
Interior Design Tips For First Time Home Owners
For most of us, buying our first home is one of the biggest milestones in our lives. As well as it being a very exciting time, it is also very stressful and can be a worrying process. A big part of the journey is how we’re going to decorate and make our new place feel like home. Before we get fully moved in, many of us have a vision of how we want our home to look by the end. Here are some tips to follow if you’re a first-time homeowner…
Grey sofa with cream blanked and golden coloured herringbone floor Self Care, Wellbeing, Sanctuary, Self, Ease, Shelter, Bed, Care
8 Self Care Tips
The past couple of years have changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined. With the news giving us a constant supply of topics to worry about, the pandemic has certainly taken its toll on our wellbeing. Our homes have always been a shelter, a place for privacy and a sanctuary for us to wind down. But now more than ever, our homes are important as a space where we feel most at ease and can enjoy the things we love doing.
Bed and wall art gallery Popular, Doors, Personal Style, House Styles, Trends, Front Door
What Your Home Style Says About You
Personal style, we all have it. When someone walks through your front door, they get a glimpse of what you're like. Your interior captures your personality and character within the décor of your home. But have you ever wondered what your home style says about you? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends and see if we can get a glimpse into your soul!
Pale coloured vinyl flooring in modern bathroom Bathroom, Easy, Modern, Makeover, House, Relax, Room, Tiles
5 Easy Ways To Modernise Your Bathroom
When you look around your bathroom, what do you notice? Is it the dainty lights, the uneven towel rack, or the floor tiles that haven’t been replaced since the 1908s? We all deserve a home makeover, especially when it comes to the bathroom. It’s the one room where you can come to relax and escape, so it’s important to make it the sanctuary of your dreams. Let’s take a look at five easy ways to refresh and modernise your bathroom with vinyl click flooring, house plants, mirrors and more!
Mans hands fitting wood floor and yellow measuring tape House Design, Affordable, Answers, Helpful Guide, Job
Your Flooring Fitter Questions Answered
Are you looking for a flooring fitter that is affordable, close by and reliable? Don’t be put off by the nightmares and stories you see on Cowboy Builders. There are plenty of great tradesmen that will do a good job. And if you’re stuck on where to start, this helpful guide will give you the best tips on how to find the perfect flooring fitter.
Man measuring laminate flooring with yellow measuring tape Laminate Flooring, How To Measure Yourself, New Homes, Blogging Advice
Flooring Calculator: How To Measure Laminate Flooring
Are you renovating your new home? Or giving your floor a quick refresh? It’s important to keep track of how much you’re spending, especially when it comes to bigger jobs like fitting your laminate floor. Let's take a look at how to measure your laminate flooring the correct way.
Man pulling up carpet from floor Hardwood, Floor, Carpet, Carpets
Taking Out Your Old Floor? It's Easier Than You Think
Before you can get your brand-new floor down, you’re going to need to take the old one out first. You might have carpets, tiles, lino, hardwood, laminate or vinyl, whatever the material, removing flooring is a big task that needs a bit of planning, preparation and patience. Let's get stuck in and look at what you need to do before you start removing your old flooring.
Neutral room with chevron flooring and modern fire place Buying Guide, Luxury, Skirting Boards, Guide
Your Buying Guide To Skirting Boards
If you’re refurbishing your home, you probably didn’t think about the small design features you’ll need to make along the way. Skirting boards may seem like a minor decision, but they completely transform the look and style of a room. Whether they’re the same colour as your floor or match your cornices, it’s good to know the different styles and materials out there. And if you’re new to the world of skirting, let us help you choose the right one.
Cup of team in front of camper van Camper, Campervan, Fresh, Camping, Van, Camper Van, Van Life, Open Road
Van Life: Choosing Flooring For Your Camper Van
The open road is calling your name and you're ready to embrace the beautiful scenery and fresh air that awaits you... You’ve bought a van, spent hours on Pinterest creating different interior mood boards, and now you’re finally ready to choose your floor. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. The floor in your van is super important. After all, it’s one of the main factors that will keep you warm and make your van feel like a home!
Stain on solid and engineered wood floor Wood, Wood Floors, Dream Floors, Home Decor
How to remove stains from solid and engineered wood floor
Stains are a wood floor owner’s worst nightmare and many immediately think that their floor is ruined, however that is not the case as we are here to inform you that all will be okay. No matter what the species, finish or thickness of your flooring, it is extremely important you act fast. If you are able to wipe up the liquid or substance as soon as the spillage occurred, then this will massively reduce the chance of it staining or at least make the stain easier to remove in the future.
Sofa with blue cushions Trending, Wall, Spring, Gallery Wall
Flooring Trends This Spring
Spring is finally here and with it the opportunity of giving a good makeover to your place. If you are looking for a new floor and you are not sure what you want, you’re in luck! In this post we are looking at the trends that are going to make an impact on the interior design world this spring.
Pink chair on pale herringbone flooring Spring Cleaning, Spring Interiors, Spring Trends, Interior Trend
Spring Interior Trends
Is it time for your annual spring clean? Now we’ve entered a new season, it’s time to create a space inspired by the outdoors, brighter colours and curved décor. Whether you want to liven up your living room or add a pop of colour into your kitchen, let’s see the top trends that will be making an appearance in homes this spring.
stylish table in dining room Ideas, Flooring Trends
2022 Interior Trends: What's In This Year?
Your yearly interior trend update is here! As the new year starts and spring approaches, some of us will be sitting in front of the fireplace dreaming of new and fresh ideas for our homes. Different factors have contributed to the change of interior trends this year such as mental health and the covid-19 pandemic. So, get ready to see calming earth colour tones, natural materials, new flooring trends and shaped furniture for the ultimate harmonic and cosy space.
Slippers on wooden flooring in front of fire Underfloor Heating, Best Flooring, Lowering Energy Bill, Energy Bill, Heat, Cold Feet, Best
Underfloor heating: Flooring ranked from worst to best
If you’re fed up with high energy bills, cold feet and noisy radiators, you should consider another heating alternative that will save you time and money. But before you buy anything, you need to know if underfloor heating is suitable for your floor. And if you’re new to the world of flooring and underfloor heating, it’s good to know what options are out there. Let’s look at the floors you can’t install over underfloor heating, so you don’t make any mistakes along the way.