Matching letters with the base to make words. Great for phonics!

An interactive activity which involves students choose individual blocks with single letters on to build a word which is spelt out on a singular block. Great for practising phonics with younger pupils.

Engaging parents - all about phonics

This activity encourages Kindergarten or first-grade students to use letter-sound correlations to build words using phonics. This would be a great center activity.

Jolly Phonics challenge table.

Jolly Phonics challenge table // Could be an interesting way to begin arranging materials for a phonics centre

Mystery word at the Jolly Phonic Challenge table

Mystery word at the Jolly Phonic Challenge table. Make the words and use the leftover letters to determine the "mystery word"

Using phoneme frames from Rachel (",)

Practical Phonics Activities

A few of the phonics activities we complete in my early years classroom - from Rachel (",)

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