Fairy Garden... a cute project for Baby O & me in a couple years...need to start collecting stuff now!

The Creamer Chronicles: The Fairy Garden. A great fun project for Riley! And cute addition to the yard.

Swoon...I would've loved this as a kid! Who doesn't love a good hiding spot? Garden Teepee #McCainAllGood

I want something like this, not necessarily a teepee, but a canvas tent or some other space that greenery has grown over! green teepee {a secret gardener}

Garden tools rack, in case of Zombies ! | 1001 Gardens

Garden Tools Rack, in Case of Zombies !

In case of zombies. Or yardwork. But mostly zombies. Very clever garden tool storage display and signage!

Planter with bird bath - too cute!

DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath

Little water feature

Small water feature with constant flowing water; flowing water reduces chances of mosquito larva

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