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BEYOND THE BOX: A MODERN HOME IN BRUSSELS. A young couple build a striking house outside Brussels that imbues classic modernist forms with color, wit, and an unconventional attitude toward family life.

Light house by architects Barbosa & Guimarães - Porto, Portugal - 2004-2011 Photographs: Arqf – José Campos. The project involves the rehabilitation of the pre-existing granite masonry, introducing in its edge, a prism fully coated copper, and with a volume identical to that we thought it was the pre-existent. This new approach, organizes three units: a commercial space, an office and housing.

Light House by architects Barbosa & Guimarães, Portugal. We love the modern take on classic windows that allows light to stream into the space.

This laboratory in a forest clearing by GO Logic is clad in pale cedar

Cedar-clad field station by GO Logic houses University of Chicago laboratory