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Glowing gingerbread house we salute you

Gingerbread Tea Light Holder For colored windows fill window space with crushed lifesavers before baking. ***use a glass tea light cup for a wax tea light candle, or use a battery operated tea light.

White gingerbread house

Clever Christmas Candy Decorations

Winter Wonderland If you are disappointed by the short life of baked gingerbread houses, build the appealing abodes from foam-core board. A light coat of royal icing supplies a base for architectural details composed of cake-decorating sugar shapes, fros

Paper Gingerbread Houses for Christmas

Paper Gingerbread Houses - 4 designs on site. so sweet - Make an advent Christmas house - final day you open the roof.

Make a Miniature Town Out of Chocolate Candy Bars

Make a Miniature Town Out of Chocolate Candy Bars

Printable Gingerbread House Designs ~ Be Different...Act Normal

Printable Gingerbread House Designs ~ Be Different.Act Normal (maybe there is a way to adapt this template to make gingerbread house boxes to give away cookies and other treats in--that would be super awesome)

Gingerbread House Tea Party Christmas

Gingerbread House Tea Party Christmas/Holiday Party Ideas