Tryin to catch me ridin' dirty. ................No okay

I can't believe in just two days I get to see these four beautiful,weird,amazing,talented boys! I could have never imagined this would actually happen! I love you guys!

Brad Simpson!!! Probably my favorite British boy... SO cute!, he has a great voice!, and he can play the guitar ukulele and piano!

The Vamps Bradley Simpson

Brad and James

The Vamps' Brad and James

bradley+simpson+the+vamps | bradley will simpson, connor ball, james mcvey, the vamps

Babe (The Vamps Fanfiction!) - Intro

bradley will simpson, connor ball, james mcvey, tristan evans, the vamps

James McVey//The Vamps... His facial expression is so cute, awh ! Seeing people who look so happy, I just can't help but smile. <3

James McVey The Vamps wearing Saint Kidd.

James McVey and Tristan Evans // The Vamps. They might be my favorites haha.

What the hell why is this so cute

Brad Simpson.. and let's not forget James in the back | The Vamps

Hey im brad wentz, pete wentz's son. I love singing and playing loads of intstruments. Im 17 and single duh.

Oh wow....*hearts beating fast*

robyn on

I love James' guitar strap

Connor Ball and Brad Simpson Aaw u guyz r cute just the way u r...and connor ur just......amazballs

Connor Ball and Brad Simpson♥ Brad is so tan!:D

Tristan Evans & Bradley Simpson❤❤❤❤

Tristan Evans & Bradley Simpson❤❤❤❤ the vamps