Istrian get away

Visit Istria, Croatia, stay in a wonderful private villa in a fishing village near Pula, search Villa Marlera in Liznjan
15 Pins
a white toilet sitting next to a shower in a bathroom under a window on top of a tiled floor
New shower room fitted!
a man holding a baseball bat over his head while standing on top of a grass covered yard
Getting ready for the season...
a child's drawing of a girl standing in front of a house that says i love this house
Villa Marlera. We all love this house! This from the guest book...
the ocean is calm and blue with green grass on the shore, as well as some rocks
Beautiful day - 1st April and the sun shone all day
an old white building sitting on top of a grass covered hill next to trees and bushes
This little church stands close to Liznjan harbour - the womenfolk used to wait here for the sailors to come home...
an old stone house with blue shutters and green grass in front of it at night
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and boats in the water behind it
a boat traveling on the water near a small town with a steeple in the background
an outdoor market with umbrellas and tables full of vegetables
an old roman colossion with cars parked in front
some buildings are on the water and there is no one in them or they can be seen
two boats floating on top of a body of water next to mountains at sunset or dawn
a white plate topped with shrimp and potatoes
people parasailing in the ocean on a sunny day with blue skies and white clouds
the ocean is blue and clear with clouds in the sky