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Awesome!!! sunken trampoline tutorial.

we have a ground level jolly jumper (mini trampoline) but I would love one of these! a ground level (sunken) trampoline - this is very cool, safer, and easier to play on. my love it! maybe we can do one someday.

MAKE ANIMAL TRACKS by adding to kids flip flops

Transform flipflops into animal track shoes using a hot glue gun and sheets of colored craft foam.I know this is crafty idea,but it will also make for a great Outdoor fun thing to do making animal tracks wherever you go.

Free Printable Friday: Glitter!

Seriously, does anybody NOT like glitter! And my upcoming party may or may not involve glitter.The theme is officially GLITTER!


Twig and Toadstool: Woodland Fairy Folk by ~Shanti~ So simple ~ no need for a tutorial here! Basically a just pine cone body, an acorn head, maple key wings, dried grass arms and a stone to glue it all on to ~ fire up your glue gun and off you go!

"wands" had a 'wanderful' day making a wand with my nephew. combined several ideas from Pinterest and he created the most awesome wand ever!

Fairy Wands - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS - My kiddo and I were inspecting a fallen tree limb last week and looking at all those little twigs made me think of wands. I thought it would be a wond