Rock #PrimerasVecesbyCyzone

go to a legit rock concert. if only classic rock bands could get back together or raise from the dead, tho-.

Coronation Street

How can you stay in to watch a false depiction of the life that happens outside your a book, travel, cook, shag.Soaps are for those who haven't found a good week in their life.

Steve McDonald | Coronation Street

Steve McDonald

Gail Platt (coronation street -UK)! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha so funny!

Gail Platt (coronation street -UK) This is funny- it is a good, but insulting carricature - I think she's more troll like, but, this is close.

Tina O'Brian Coronation Street

Sarah Louise Platt Wonder if she will ever reappear on the show (Gone before me, but she's one of Gail's kids- supposedly living in Europe or something)