Audi design wall at Pinakothek der Moderne Munich Germany

Audi design wall at the Pinakothek der Moderne

the temporary Movement Café and performance space built next to the DLR station in Greenwich, South East London by Morag Myerscough and Len Sissay.

Image 4 of 27 from gallery of The Movement Cafe / Morag Myerscough. Courtesy of Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan

Morag Myerscough & Luke Morgan — The Pavilion, Library of Birmingham

a box inside a box Neon words and symbols embellish the exterior of this temporary wooden pavilion inside the new Library of Birmingham by designers Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan.

This is a pop up mobile display made by nike. Constructed from wooden crates combined with colorful graphics that form a rhubix cube effect. The multiple points of entry allow for a better flow of heavy foot traffic, By walking into the structure the public would be emersing themselves into a new world and witnessing pop up shop as an experience

Nike Re-Run - is a travelling exhibiton design created in conjunction with the re-release of some of Nike's iconic running shoes. The exhibition consists of 300 unique graphic panels.

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