Banksy Was Here

Banksy at the West Bank Barrier. Unwelcome intervention Banksy also records on his website how an old Palestinian man said his painting made the wall look beautiful.


Surveillance- a graffiti piece by Banksy, in which a CCTV camera has been adjusted to look only a small portion of wall with the script "what are you looking at?


The latest book dedicated to the subversive street artist's work, spanning over 220 pages and featuring images and texts covering the last decade-or-so of work from the mysterious artist, from street art to gallery work.

Banksy, oh Banksy

A new Banksy piece popped up yesterday in the UK featuring an adeptly stenciled origami crane snagging a goldfish from a small canal.


Here's a fun idea! Banksy's famous street arts comes to live with GIF animations created by ABVH. The artist has worked on six of Banksy's artworks, each amusing in their own way.

Banksy's Detroit showstopper, via google images. This one is worth reading about. Apparently, he turned a junkyard into a site worth thousands and now people are fighting over who owns a spot that was once abandoned by all...

This Banksy piece was done in Detroit on the grounds of an old Packard plant. When it was discovered, an art gallery descended and removed it to "protect" it for the public to view.