The Presence of Shiva Infographic - On the Trail of the First Yogi

Sadhguru looks at four significant places – Kailash, Velliangiri, Kashi and Kantisarovar – where Shiva has spent time, and elaborates on the power and energy of these spaces. Don’t miss the infographic!

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Bhagwan Lord Shiva is the universal Self. Shiva pervades the world by His Sakhti. He is the saviour, Guru and destructive aspect of Brahman (Destroyer of Evil).

- Figure of the meditating horned man discovered in Indus Valley civilization is identified as Shiva   - In the Vedas, Shiva is an aspect of the god Rudra, Destroyer to bring about positive change and balance in life.  - Shiva's female consort is variously manifested as Uma, Sati, Parvati, Durga, Kali, and sometimes Shakti  - Shiva as Nataraja: The Cosmic Dancer performing during the auspicious occasion of the Maha Shivaratri

This is the the Hindu God Shiva and it describes what the each of the different objects mean. It shows how complex Hinduism Gods and Goddesses can have many different objects that each mean a specific thing to that person/deity.

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Shiva smoking

Mellow Chill Hip Hop Rap and other stuff. Monday February is Shivaratri in India, which is an occasion Hindus celebrate for their Lord, Shiva.

Bholenath Dark Hd Wallpaper For Desktop#11, Lord Shiva, Shiv Shankar, Bholenath, Shivji HD Wallpaper For Desktop

Bholenath Dark Hd Wallpaper For Desktop Lord Shiva, Shiv Shankar, Bholenath, Shivji HD Wallpaper For Desktop