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a living room with black curtains and gold stars on the curtain rod, potted plant next to it
Décor Astrológica: Como adicionar um toque místico e trazer para sua casa essa tendência de decoração - FTCMag
Cortina com tema astrologia - Decor Astrológica #cosmos #façavocêmesmo #decoração #astrology #universo
the room is decorated in white and has sheer drapes on the ceiling, draped with greenery
80+ Romatic and Elegant Bedroom Decor Ideas #Bderoom #bed #decor #ideas #romantic
a living room filled with furniture and a large window next to a wooden floor covered in curtains
Amazing Attic Redesigns That Reinterpret the Top Floor
By opening up a wall and fitting it with wood-framed windows, the light (and breeze!) helps create the illusion of space. Exposed wood beams, a wood floor, and other natural accents reflect the outside surroundings. Obsessive fabric drapers rejoice; this is the kind of room that should feel flowing and free, so go nuts.
an old fashioned bath tub in front of a window
35+ Marvelous Cottage Bathroom Ideas Picture and Decor
47+ Marvelous Cotage Bathroom Ideas Picture and Decor #bathroom #bathroomdesign #bathroomdesignideas
a bedroom with white bedding and decorations on the walls, along with hanging lights
Traditional Chinese Medicine
"Chinese Medicine is both simple and complex at the same time. It uses very basic notions to diagnose and treat an issue. There are two ways to look at a diagnosis, this is known as the ‘root and branch’ concept, whereby it must be established if the condition is being treated at a root level or symptomatically. Generally, TCM is determined to treat an issue at the epicenter, meaning that the symptoms dissipate on their own." Image: #bedroomgoals #homedecor #homeinspo
a bedroom with a bed covered in purple and white sheets, pillows and blankets hanging from the ceiling
The best meditation nooks on Pinterest | Well+Good
A dreamy space with bohemian theme decor for your meditation time! #decor #home #bohemian #yoga #meditation #space #dream #time #beautiful
an old fashioned bathtub in the corner of a room with sheer curtains on it
33 Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas to Turn your Room into a Paradise
Trimmed And Tassled Semi-sheer Privacy Curtain On Ceiling Hooks