Blue tit getting the cream off the milk

"I miss getting my milk off the doorstep, I miss the glass bottles and putting them back on the doorstep for the milkman. I miss having to shake them to mix the cream back in and I even miss the blue tits (birds) who would do

Before the days of the Lottery....The Pools, I remember my dad in the other room while we all had to be very quiet or else ha ha

The Pools - wonderful memories of my dad checking them every Saturday evening

Walls Ice Cream Block & Rectangular Cones!!!!

These were DIY ice creams. Buy a cone and a chunk of ice cream wrapped in a bit of grease proof paper and make yourself a lush summer fave!

Parker black Quink ink

OMG I remember carefully opening the cap of this to refill my fountain pens everyday back in elementary school - we were not allowed to use pencils/ballpoint pens.

Sweet wrappers over the years - Page 23

Given these as a prize at school sports day and cried because I wanted jelly tots instead. I never forgave Tooty Frooties.

My Grandma used to buy these. Loved them, because they were kind of chewy once you got to the centre and the flavours were great.

loved these! Fruit Filled Nuncas (Polish candy with a fruit center) from my childhood

#Childhoodmemories #nostalgia

#Childhoodmemories #nostalgia

The man from U.N.C.L.E. #nostalgia

Robert Vaughn (Napoleon Solo), David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin and 'Mr. Waverly', played by Leo G. Carroll in the U. TV program "The Man from UNCLE"

Opal Fruits | 27 Things You Will Never Eat Again

27 Things You Will Never Eat Again

Opal Fruits NOT Starburst The tv ad was.Opal fruits made to make your mouth water!