Amy Farrah Fowler

Want some liquor on your ice cream?

Penny: Want some coffee liqueur on your ice cream? Amy Farrah Fowler: Aah, here's the alcohol and drug peer pressure mother warned me about. I was starting to think it was never going to happen. [beat] Amy Farrah Fowler: Yes, please.

haha random asian guy and nick miller.

There are few things that give me this much pleasure- Tran and Nick miller. "I like your hat. I like that it's not a team, or a logo, it's just blue" my favorite episode "Menzies"

Love Nick Miller! <3

Human version of Grumpy Cat…

Funny pictures about Human version of Grumpy Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Human version of Grumpy Cat. Also, Human version of Grumpy Cat.

One Tree Hill <3

Jackson Brundage (James Lucas Scott) & James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) - One Tree Hill

I'm going to say yes because those are my two fave shows of all time!

How I Met Your Mother and Friends much as I love this way is her father chandler. Her father in the show is soooo not chandler. Though it is funny that lily and Monica have their similar ways