© Bill Brandt, Nude, East Sussex Coast, 1959 the body in abstraction

© Bill Brandt, Nude, East Sussex Coast, 1959 I love you can see her goosebumps cause of being cold.

One of my favourite and inspiration Photographers- BILL BRANDT Grand Union canal, Paddington branch, Bill Brandt These buildings still exist and are on the Harrow Road.

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A snicket, 'Hail, Hell and Halifax', Bill Brandt 1937

luzfosca: “ Bill Brandt Misty evening in Sheffield, 1937 From here ”

Nude, Baie des Anges, France, 1959 by Bill Brandt

Excellent framing with Francis Bacon looking out of shot and diagonal created by path. Typical moody Brandt sky by Bill Brandt, 1963

Welcome to the photography of Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt, The Queen Elizabeth, circa 1946

Seven Seminal Images By Bill Brandt

the-night-picture-collector:Bill Brandt Belgravia 1951

Bill Brandt Nude, Campden Hill, London, 1947 40 x 35 Archival Pigment Print, Ed.

Pupils from Eton College watching cricket, June by Bill Brandt

Halifax, 1937 Bill Brandt - and white

by Bill Brandt, Battersea Bridge, 1930