Way to upcyle a milk jug into a watering can.

diy recycled milk jug watering can Natural and Thrifty in Recycled Watering Jug

water in gutters for play.

Just Add Water!

Gutter water play -- used to do this every summer with my mom& summer camps! Love the connectors and props, that looks really stable. So fun!

Carwash of pallets.

DIY pallet carwash kindergarten or playgroup kids good for tricycles little tyke cars

I'm thinking frogs with floating lily pads that have numbers on them. Put the right number of frogs on the lily pad!

Simple Small Worlds: Frog World

F is for frog, water table invitation to play Simple Small Worlds: Frog World from Fun at Home with Kids

Playing with water #eyfs pic.twitter.com/DM7Bwa2f2a from @Cool Canvas

Cool Canvas on

Some ideas reminiscent of Minnetrista's Backyard Garden that you can do at hoime.