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I did 3 of these in orange as an accent for Malory's room (walls are gray with a teal stripe around the room). I used PAPER doileis. They turned out so cute. I used tape to hole the doilies in place and then sprayed them. The paint does get under the doiley a little and makes it look a little fuzzy but I think that it gives it character and dimension. SO CUTE, EASY and CHEAP!
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Wrap canvas with string. Spray paint with your choice of colors. Remove string. Tada! Art!
Grab some old picture frames you've been meaning to throw out or purchase from a charity shop, fit a box to the back (even use cardboard boxes if the contents are not going to be very heavy). Framed box shelves look very contemporary, can be in any colour to suit your decor and are a great way of making a feature of display items.