This might be strange but something that really annoys me is when people bite their spoon or fork while eating. I don't know when this started but now it makes me cringe everytime I see/hear someone do it. I'm only okay with it when it's a plastic spoon or fork but that's because you don't hear the annoying metal sound. I regret telling my brother this cause now he won't stop.

Jamie's American Fluffy Pancakes

Do you eat when you're bored, stressed or lonely? Emotional eating is a hard habit to break, but with phentermine and this advice, you can stop it for good!

My Valentines Pyjama Picks

My Valentines Pyjama Picks

Shes so cuddly and cute and amazing I want to hug her

Zo was with Mark buying Darcy jer birthday presents! 🚺 So Zoe models the teddy bears how cute!


Beach walks in the spring sunset with this pooch who kept trying to eat random crap amongst the stones.

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