Maddie Jones
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Black Cat Art, Black Cats, Scampi, Occult

Jacob Hashimoto - Selected Exhibitions - Mary Boone Gallery 2014

Jacob Hashimoto - Selected Exhibitions - Mary Boone Comprised of thousands of the artist’s signature bamboo and paper “kites” intricately strung together, Gas Giant offered the viewer an immersive, shifting, free-floating arena to explore.

Andela Andea

Adela Andea’s other wordly light installations and sculptures feel organic, reminiscent of vivid underwater scenes, but the lights, wires and other tech.

Japanese Gangster, Edgy Chic Fashion, Girl Gang, Soft Ghetto, Greaser, Tomboy, Mon Style, Historical Costume, Gangsters, Wings, Products, Sewing, Embroidery, Mobsters