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"life and death" (día de los muertos)

I drew it on my sketchbook and i simply put a concrete texture behind with Photoshop. I LOVE mexicans skulls, Day of the Dead, etc. These are some of . Life and Death

What's for dinner? Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops, and man are they delicious! Recipe |

Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops Recipe ~ a simple and delicious one-skillet meal. I used vegetable stock instead of apple cider and chipotle pepper instead of cayenne, with Ceylon cinnamon and Gala apples, and it was perfect.

A rare ritual dagger, dating: mid-19th Century provenance: Europe

A rare ritual dagger, dating: Century provenance: Europe this blade has a story.a story I want to hear.

Cool katar

Katar is an ancient Indian weapon also known as Bundi dagger. It is known to pierce the toughest resistance or armor when exercised with full force. Since they were very easy to use, these weapons were more popular amongst the warriors during the century.