The Kalinin K-7, a Russian bomber plane concept from the 1930’s

Kalinin a Russian bomber plane concept from the Its clearly faked in photoshop but still counts as cool.

NASA/Lockheed Martin Supersonic Green Machine. A lot of design to stremline

NASA/Lockheed Martin Supersonic Green Machine, plane of the future? This an illustration.

Coca Cola..

Coca Cola Night black dark packaging style love that. great idea for drink label coke

daniel_simon_01.jpg 1,800×1,125 pixels

Concept helicopter design by Daniel Simon. Keywords: concept study a high-speed executive helicopter two seats plus luggage composite str.

Aether-airship-concept-5.jpg 1,200×669 pixels

Tomorrow's luxury cruises might just take to the Aether. The Aether, a decidedly futuristic sky-liner, is designer Mac Byers' idea of what luxury travel will look like in the years to come.

Download Lada Concept Car Wallpaper Stock Images #41y2p0

LADA Raven concept is the coolest thing from Russia that I've ever seen

warhawks__lusivakian_airships_by_csp499-d4li1k1.png 1,280×792 pixels

A few examples of the airships available to the Lusivakian air fleet in the upcoming RP "Warhawks: Tattered Skies". On average, Lusivakian ships favor heavy armor and heavier firepower, sacrificing.

Nunavik_sitting_in_snow_door_open.jpg 2,200×1,142 pixels

Nunavik_sitting_in_snow_door_open.jpg 2,200×1,142 pixels

russell_chong_01.jpg 1,800×1,284 pixels

This is like 12 pounds of awesome in a 6 pound bag. concept ships: Concept planes by Russell Chong

054.jpg 1,600×800 pixels

Luxury airships and Zeppelins, designs of flying hotels and houses already possible using gas technology

01_airship_and_truck.jpg 800×600 pixels

Sustainable wind turbine freight by modern airship technology

paktafaceface.jpg 2,000×1,081 pixels

Look At This Ridiculous Russian Supersonic Cargo Plane Concept

Auto_Prototypes___Concept_cars_Concept_Cars_Future_019347_.jpg 1,920×1,200 pixels

the nissan is a concept car design that is part of the youthmobile 2030 design challenge being exhibited at the 2009 LA auto show

chevrolet-biscayne-concept-car-1955.jpg 2,048×1,536 pixels

1955 Chevrolet Biscayne concept which was designed under the direction of legendary auto designer Harley Ear

ford-concept-cars-924696-2048x1280.jpg 2,048×1,280 pixels

Ford Concept Car 1958 Ford Concept Car 1958 Photo 04 – Car in pictures - car photo gallery