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Puur-Anders - photos on fabric leaves

Hidden Memories is a collection by Puur Anders, I stumbled across her yesterday and went at had a look at her Etsy shop. These pieces are so delicate in structu

This is a painting by Irving Penn and it is of decaying/wilting Flowers and the materials used were acrylic paints. i like this because of the small details in the flowers and hot it looks real.

Iceland Poppy/Papaver nudicaule, Irving Penn 2006 Continuation of his original series on poppies, 1969 (Commissioned by Vogue for their Christmas edition) “I can claim no special knowledge of.

Creative beverage can designs with street art style.

My Dog Sighs: Can Men -Street artist My Dog Sighs creates painted faces on found crushed cans, which he then leaves on the streets in random places for passers-by to take home. It is both a street art installation project and an altruistic gesture dedicat