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Baked Plantains with Brown Sugar & Rum Simple and delicious dessert

These beg to be served with a scoop of vanilla or coconut ice cream on top.

Writer's block is about fear. So this two-pronged psychological hack for writers neutralizes writing-angst before it starts so you can get to writing.

2 psychological hacks that work to stop writing anxiety/writers block. "Too Scared To Write? The One-Two Punch Approach That Finally Got Me Writing" Seriously helpful writing tips.

Have the first name down but can't quite figure out what your character's last name should be? Here are thousands of surname choices for your #NaNoWriMo characters! #writingtips #characters

Census Bureau's List of Most Popular Surnames (and other Stats)/ *pins aggressively* narrative writing, character design

10 Writing Mistakes That Kill Your First Chapter

By Marcy Kennedy ( I’m teaching at a writer’s conference this week, so instead of one of my in-depth posts, I thought I’d create a quick checklist for you. Here are 10 writing mistake.

There are six major types of conflict you can use when writing your novel: Person vs Environment, Person vs Person, Person vs Society, Person vs Self , Person vs the Supernatural, and Person vs Technology

nownovel: ““Choosing the central conflict of your novel: Infographic Remember our post about the six major conflicts that can be used when you write your novel? It’s now an infographic.