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A scheme endorsed by David Cameron to plant millions of poppies across Britain to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War has been refused a grant by the official organisation tasked with funding commemorations.

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Is this (the Battle of) Pilkem (Ridge) ?

I'm sure that most of us will recognize this photo, from the IWM collection. I remember seeing it many years ago, and reading the caption, and since then ha...

Altogether just under million men volunteered to fight in the British army, approx of those eligible.

Altogether just under 2.5 million men volunteered to fight in the British army, approx 25% of those eligible.

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General Kitchener called 200,000 in the 1st month of the war - 300,000 men enlisted

On 16 December 1914 the German navy attacked Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby, resulting in 137 fatalities and 592 casualties, many of whom were civilians. This poster channels the subsequent public outrage. Ww1 Propaganda Posters, Posters Uk, Vintage Posters, Peace Poster, Women Poster, History Of England, World War One, Great Britain, British

In December 1914 the German Navy bombared Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby, killing 18 civilians

"I like dogs, but not this breed" American propaganda campaigns consisted of renaming and discrimination towards German culture.

In the USA frankfurters were renamed 'liberty sausages' and daschunds 'liberty dogs' Cabbage was renamed 'sauerkraut' and hamburgers 'Salisbury Steaks'

Women Industry during WWI. 1918 A large group of women workers smile and wave for the camera as they crowd down the steps outside their canteen at an aeroplane factory in Birmingham. Women In History, World History, British History, World War One, First World, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Vintage Magazines, Vintage Photographs

Over the course of the war: 200,000 women took up jobs in governmental departments. 500,000 took up clerical positions in private offices. 250,000 worked on in agricultural positions. 700,000 women took up posts in the munitions industry, which was dangerous work.

Duke of York (Sixth creation, Prince George, from the House of Windsor, son of Edward VII of the United Kingdom and Alexandra of Denmark. Prince George succeeded as George V in 1910 upon his father's death, and his titles merged with the crown. Reine Victoria, Queen Victoria, Princess Victoria, Sandringham House, Famous Freemasons, Emperor Of India, Alexandra Of Denmark, King Edward Vii, Royals

In 1917 anti--German sentiment forced George V to change the Royal Family's name from Saxe--Coburg and Gotha to Windsor. Many road names in Britain were changed too

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When soldiers returned there was a baby boom. Births increased by 45 per cent between 1918 and 1920.

A crowd of conscientious objectors to military service during the first world war at a special prison camp. Aunty Acid, World War One, First World, Conscientious Objector, Work Camp, Pearl Harbor Attack, Culture War, I Quit, Conscience

There were 16,000 British conscientious objectors who refused to fight. Many received white feathers as a sign of cowardice. Some were given non--combatant roles, others were imprisoned.