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a large black dog laying on top of a red bench
Jimmy Wood - Amazing Woodworking Projects
Ford tailgate bench
a bathroom with a walk in shower sitting next to a sink and a mirror on the wall
Request Rejected
Shower doors made from Reclaimed Factory Windows.
an old dresser has red knobs and wheels on the drawers, as well as vases
Industrial Furniture25
Industrial Furniture25 Reclaimed Industrial Furniture
two chairs made out of wooden sticks and glass
Design de mobiliário | Estúdio Leo Capote | São Paulo
Cadeira 18- Brazilian artist and designer Leo Capote makes furniture's out of unusual materials.
an elephant sculpture made out of wood sticks
HOME - Andrew Ramiro Tirado
Colorado artist Andrew Ramiro Tirado - reclaimed wood
a black and white photo of a man's face made out of small dots
Sculpture made form bicycle roller chains. "Meditation16" by Seo, Young-Deok
a coffee table made out of stained glass and wood with different colored strips on it
État second
Pallet table by Steph. Montréal, Canada
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a modern house with swimming pool and stairs
12 Awesome Homes Built With Recycled Material (Including a Man-Made Tropical Island)
House built from salvaged airplane parts. Designed by Urban Office Architecture for a retired pilot.
an old car with american flag pillows on it
Upcycling at its very best ...
Upcycled Car Seat
a sculpture is shown in the middle of a room with white walls and flooring
Running - Sayaka Ganz; Reclaimed Creations
Emergence 2013 by Sayaka Ganz
a large metal ball hanging from the ceiling
Blessing Hancock Ballroom Luminoso
Blessing Hancock and Joe O'Connell Recycled bike parts, LED lighting 48” diameter
three wine bottles are hanging from the ceiling in front of a camera lens, and one is empty
lamp page
Hanging Khrysalis striped light sculptures by Jerry Kott
two lights hanging from a green wall in front of a light fixture that is attached to the ceiling
Rustic Bucket Island Chandelier Suspended from rustic pipe and pipe fittings are too rustic buckets. The most aborable island chandelier for your farmhouse kitchen, this bucket chandelier will have your friends complimenting your unique style.
three different images of people running on the beach
Giant Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles in Rio
Giant Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles in Rio